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Lotion consists of four unique nonetheless particularly investigated and manufactured items Hempz Age Escape, Hempz Cucumber Jasmine, specifically Hempz Unique and also the newest inclusion Hempz Pomegranate product.

Hempz Original Lotion

Hempz Original Product it is full of D Vitamin-A, and ELIZABETH the same as additional Hempz Product which could aid as customers in eliminating selected lines and sustaining a vibrant shine and can last for approximately twelve hours. Its beautiful combination of blood floral and strawberry supplies a fragrance that’s loved by everyone.

That is made from organic produced items like ginseng and shea butter that will be ideal for rehydrating and hydrating the skin while maintaining it sleek all-day long and 100% natural hemp seed oil. The extra cucumber, lavender and comfrey components provides more towards skin defense and the required E Vitamin that you need for the whole evening.


Hempz lotion comprises four unique nonetheless particularly investigated and manufactured items namely Hempz Unique, Hempz Cucumber Jasmine, Hempz Age Defy and also the newest addition Hempz Pomegranate lotion.Hempz Original LotionHempz Original Lotion can last for up to twelve hours and is rich-in D Vitamin A, and E similar to other Hempz Lotion that may guide as customers in maintaining a youthful glow and removing selected lines. Its beautiful blend of floral, strawberry and strawberry offers a fragrance that is enjoyed by everyone.This is made from 100% all natural hemp seed oil and normal made items like ginseng and shea butter which can be perfect for rehydrating and moisturizing the skin while retaining it easy all day long. The additional comfrey, chamomile and cucumber components adds further for the required E Vitamin and skin protection that you simply need for the entire day.
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